Sunday, 30 July 2017

How to Remove Freckles in Photoshop

If you have freckles, you know how everyone tells you how “cute” they are, but when you want to evolve from being “cute”, you can follow this tutorial for a simple way to remove freckles in Photoshop by using a blur filter.

Step one
Open the image you want to remove freckles from in Photoshop. You can do this by going to the File menu within Photoshop and choosing File->Open. Now find the freckle image on your hard drive and you’ll be ready to start to remove freckles from your image in Photoshop.

Step two
Duplicate the background layer by utilizing the hotkey Control + Shift + J, a rename box will pop up. Name this layer “blur layer” and click OK to duplicate your freckle layer in Photoshop. Now we can start to remove the freckles in Photoshop with a blur filter.

Step three
With the new layer selected, go to Filter->Blur->Smart blur. A dialog box will pop up in photoshop, just click “OK” with the default settings, as they should be fine to remove freckles in Photoshop.

Step four
With your blur layer still selected, create a layer mask on your new blurred layer by finding the button at the bottom of the layers palette that looks like a rectangle with a white circle on it. Click it and a white box should appear next to your blur layer in your layers palette.

Step five
Fill the white box with black by using the fill tool, selecting the color black in your colors palette and clicking directly on the white box in the layers palette. Now the box should be black, and your blur layer should be invisible (the blur should go away from the image).

Step six
Now select the brush tool and select white as your foreground color. Start to paint over the freckles on the image, and your layer mask will start to reappear in the areas that you paint. Don’t paint over eyes or other places that you don’t wish to blur, just the freckles. Go slowly and carefully until you have removed all the freckles from your image in Photoshop.

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