Monday, 27 February 2017

How to Make a Brick House in Photoshop

Today I will be teaching you how to make a brick house in Photoshop. This is a very cool graphic for a postcard or MySpace comment. This lesson can be done in Photoshop 6.0 and above. The first step would be to create a new document. Make the size of this document 500 by 400 pixels. Before we begin make sure you are working in RGB mode. To switch to RGB mode, click on image mode and then RGB. It’s very important that you work in RGB mode because this will allow you to see color on your project. Next, create a new layer so we can start creating the brick house. Click on the shape tool and select the rectangle tool. Click and drag to make the main part of the brick house. You can see what size to make by looking at the example picture of included with this lesson. Once you have created the main part of the house click on the layer and then layer style. Next, click on the color overlay and set the color to red. Your house will now have a red color to it. Now it’s time to start making it look like a brick house. Click on the filter, then texture and then craquelure. Set the crack spacing to 29 and the crack depth to 10. Finally, set the crack brightness to 6 and then click ok. You will now notice that the wall we just created looks like it is made of brick.

The next step is to add the roof of our brick house. First created a new layer and then select the triangle shape tool. You can find the triangle shape under the custom shape tool. If you do not see it on the top toolbar, click on the drop down arrow and load it. After you have loaded the custom shapes you will see the triangle shape. Click on the solid triangle. The next step would be to click and drag to create the roof of the house. The next step would be click on the filter then on texture. After that click on the craquelure effect. Leave all the settings they way they are and click ok. Now you will notice your roof will appear to be made of brick. The final step is adding a door and windows. First, set your foreground color to black. Then select the rectangle shape tool. Create new layers for the door and windows. Next, click and drag to create a door than two windows. You will now have a very good looking brick house. You can see what it should look like in the example picture. I hope you enjoyed this lesson and have a great day!

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